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Spotless Glutathione XT

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For a brighter and pearly complexion, you need to remove the melanin pigmentation on your skin. To remove pigments, you need an effective skin brightening formula that can remove pigments easily. Spotless glutathione XT is a highly effective formula that uses L-Glutathione, reduced to increase the serum glutathione levels in your body. A superior strength glutathione CAPSULE is a trademark stomach acid resistant composition enabling the glutathione to be directly absorbed into the blood and maximize its effects.


  • It dramatically reduces the melanin-causing hormone tyrosinase., banishing dark spots, pigmentation & brightening the skin.
  • It is a master anti-oxidant, supports liver detox, better metabolism and porcelain skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation care.
  • Rosehip extract is rich in vitamin C. 
  • Maintenance of cartilage health.
  • Grape seed extract to maintain skin elasticity, rich in vitamin E and C, and evens and lightens skin discoloration like acne scars and sunspots. With amplified action, this capsule is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that your skin & body needs to stay in great shape.

Power of Oral Glutathione

Although topical creams are effective, oral Glutathione formulas pack is even more powerful. It works from the inside out in your body preventing oxidation as an antioxidant and improving detoxification function. Ingredients like L-Glutathione reduced, Vitamin C (Gluta Boosters), and L-selenomethionine acid prevent oxidative reaction to prevent melanin synthesis from taking place while improving and encouraging the production and retention of Glutathione. With Oral Glutathione carrying the inside-out antioxidant and detoxification processes, after prevention of melanin synthesis, your complexion is highly guaranteed to improve from dark-to-dusky to fair and pink! 


L-Glutathione reduced (L-g-glutamyl-L-Cysteinyl-l-glycine), L-selenomethionine, Zinc citrate, rosehip extract, grapeseed extract, cholecalciferol, vegetable capsule shell.

Role of Glutathione Formula in Skin Brightening

As its primary function, Glutathione prevents the occurrence of melanin synthesis on your skin by disallowing the oxidation of tyrosine into tyrosinase and the binding of L-DOPA with tyrosinase. In other words, Glutathione prevents the synthesis and agglutination of melanin pigments on your skin. Considered the mother or master of all antioxidants, Glutathione fights free radicals to prevent cellular damage on your skin and also to remove dead skin cells. The formula, in addition to whitening your skin, also improves your overall physical health while contributing to healthy liver function.

Who should use it?

People looking for even glowing skin and with dark spots, pigmentation, or Complete detox of the body.

Combine it with Gleamfizz nonacid vitamin C and Marine Collagen supplements and watch your skin transform.

How to use it

2 capsules a day (1 before breakfast, 2nd post-dinner)

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