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Hydration Lock- for Acute Dry Skin ( Skilixir, Spotless, Gleamfizz)

Dhs. 833.72

Would you like to hydrate your skin while also refining the pores? You’re on the hunt for the perfect plump skin! With Skilixir XT hydration and moisture lock, you get oral glutathione, Spotless XT for pigmentation, and vitamin C for improved absorption & immunity. By moisturizing and hydrating the skin, it prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Reduced L- glutathione is known to help prevent dark spots and wrinkles. The natural and organic ingredients in Spotless help tighten pores and minimize fine lines. Both collagen and glutathione keep the skin hydrated naturally.

  • 2 Gleamfiz
  • 1-month Skilixir
  • 1 Glutathione


  1. Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and reduce's pore size visibly. It helps support youthful, firm, full, radiant skin by protecting and restoring.
  2. Prevents stretch marks and minimizes scars.
  3. Prevent and reduce PCOS and PCOD symptoms
  4. It brightens the skin. Reducing pigmentation is one of its benefits. Boost your metabolism by detoxing your liver.
  5. Improves photoprotection and reduces UV damage. Perfect for the skin, internal organs and improving blood circulation.

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