Skin Project

Hair Bomb Combo

Dhs. 389.92

Our permanent crown is our hair, which makes us look like a queen and a king and is under constant pressure to keep us looking good. Its constant tug, stretch & pollution can lead to thinning and breakage of your beautiful hair. Hair bomb combo includes three powerful Skin Project supplements that nourish, strengthen & condition hair to create a protective barrier from hair loss. The product contains ingredients that work hard and are natural, such as collagen, probiotics, biotin, Ginseng, millet seed, bamboo shoot, and vitamin C. Redeem your hair goals with this deeply restorative hair bomb combo and turn heads!

  • 1 Collagen Peptides
  • 2 Gleamfizz Non-acid Vitamin C
  • 2 Hair Vitals – Hair Growth Supplements

Power of Hairvitals + Collage peptide red berry + Gleamfizz:

  • Helps in skin hydration smoother, healthier skin.
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves circulation, gut health &immunity
  • Joint, bone, and cartilage health
  • Helps tone the muscles faster
  • Great for skin, internal organs, and purification of blood.

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