Skin Project

Revitalize Care

Dhs. 414.11

The Skin Project revitalize care for men offers three of the most effective products to take care of your health, reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, increase muscle mass, and stamina. Provides hair growth assistance and helps with the hairline receding. Having this Revitalize care in your daily routine is essential for an active and beautiful lifestyle.

  • 2 Gleamfizz Non-acid vitamin C for a month
  • 5 Sleep collagen latte for a month
  • 2 Hair-Vital for hair growth for a month

POWER OF TAKING Men collagen sleep latte + Gleamfizz + Hair vitals:

  1. Collagen sleep latte for men revolutionizes self-care and wellness.
  2. To achieve this, a marine collagen blend including proline and glycine is combined with a herbal adaptogen blend as well as a bioactive sleep blend.
  3. Improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkle formation and reduces UV damage.
  4. Supports wound healing, Improves absorption and Makes skin smoother and healthier.
  5. Supports hair growth and prevents hair fall.
  6. Joints, bones, and cartilage health Increases circulation & immunity while toning muscles faster.
  7. Beneficial for stress reduction and sleep disorders. With this supplement, overall health is better, and strength and stamina are improved.

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